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Adhesive Tapes
adhesive tapes
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Draper 19237 Expert Soft Grip Hand-Held Packing (Security) Tape Dispenser - 50mm TP-DIS2-SG
Draper 19237 2IN TAPE DISPENSER SOFT GRIP, TP-DIS2/SG Expert Quality, suitable for industria..
Ex Tax: £7.45
Draper 19251 Expert Soft Grip Hand-Held Packing (Security) Tape Dispenser - 75mm TP-DIS3-SG
Draper 19251 3IN TAPE DISPENSER SOFT GRIP, TP-DIS3/SG Expert Quality, suitable for industria..
Ex Tax: £10.57
Draper 24657 D222 Thread Lock DTL222
Draper 24657 DRAPER THREAD LOCK D222, DTL222 Ideal for low-strength thread locking on ad..
Ex Tax: £7.66
Draper 24659 D270 Stud Lock DSL270
Draper 24659 DRAPER STUD LOCK D270, DSL270 High strength (40Nm break away) general purpo..
Ex Tax: £7.66
Draper 24660 D243 Nut Lock DNL243
Draper 24660 DRAPER NUT LOCK D243, DNL243 Medium strength (16Nm break away) oil tolerant..
Ex Tax: £7.66
Draper 24661 D574 Multi Gasket DMG574
Draper 24661 DRAPER MULTI GASKET D574, DMG574 Instant gasket material which forms in pla..
Ex Tax: £6.02
Draper 24662 D641 Bearing Fit DBF641
Draper 24662 DRAPER BEARING FIT D641, DBF641 Single part anaerobic securing compound, de..
Ex Tax: £8.56
Draper 24663 D2012 Epoxy Structural Adhesive DEPR2012
Draper 24663 DRAPER 5MIN EPOXY RESIN D2012, DEPR2012 Two part, cold curing epoxy resin adh..
Ex Tax: £4.68
Draper 24665 D572 Brake and Air Line Seal DBAS572
Draper 24665 DRAPER BRAKE&AIRLINE SEAL D572, DBAS572 Designed for sealing metal pipes and..
Ex Tax: £6.02
Draper 24667 D638 Bush and Sleeve Retainer DBSR638
Draper 24667 DRAPER BUSH&SLEEVE RETAIN D638, DBSR638 Designed to give high strength reten..
Ex Tax: £8.53
Draper 24668 D3294 Plastic Weld DPW3294
Draper 24668 DRAPER PLASTIC WELD D3294, DPW3294 A toughened structural adhesive formulate..
Ex Tax: £5.75
Draper 24669 Super Glue DMVB-CA MV
Draper 24669 DRAPER MED VISCOSITY SUPERGLUE, DMVB/CA MV Medium viscosity cyanoacrylate adhes..
Ex Tax: £3.60
Draper 31033 Fuel Tank Repair Putty DFTRP
Draper DFTRP 31033 Fuel Tank Repair Putty, DFTRP , DFTRP Specialist e..
Ex Tax: £4.74
Draper 49427 18M x 12mm Double Sided Tape Roll TP-D-S-A
Draper 49427 TP-D/S/A, TP-D/S/A Double sided tape suitable for various applications includ..
Ex Tax: £1.06
Draper 49430 30M x 50mm Grey Duct Tape Roll TP-DUCT-A
Draper 49430 TP-DUCT/A, TP-DUCT/A Good quality strong waterproof cloth tape with multiple u..
Ex Tax: £5.39
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