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Builders Tools (All Other)
builders tools (all other)
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Draper 10625 Snow Shovel Head PSSH
Draper 10625 PSSH, PSSH Plastic, with metal reinforced lip. Ideal for snow clearance, ..
Ex Tax: £6.25
Draper 10626 Lightweight Telescopic Shovel with Aluminium Shaft TLS
Draper 10626 TLS, TLS Plastic blade with telescopic aluminium shaft that extends and ..
Ex Tax: £9.44
Draper 10636 14.8L Bucket - Yellow BKT-Y
Draper 10636 CONTRACTORS YELLOW BUCKET, BKT/Y Good quality polyethylene with metal carr..
Ex Tax: £3.18
Draper 10742 30M Chalk Line D211
Draper 10742 D211, D211 ABS body with fold away winding handle, filling hole and self ..
Ex Tax: £4.50
Draper 10871 30M 'Sure Grip' Chalk Line and Level D214
Draper 10871 D214, D214 ABS body with 'Sure Grip' handle, fold away winding handle, fi..
Ex Tax: £14.44
Draper 10872 Solid Forged Trenching Shovel TSASMYD
Draper 10872 TSASMYD, TSASMYD All-steel tubular shaft with solid forged socket. Y-dee sha..
Ex Tax: £17.22
Draper 10873 Solid Forged Square Mouth Shovel with Ash Shaft SMSSS-WHT-H
Draper 10873 SMSSS-WHT/H, SMSSS-WHT/H Ash shaft with T grip. Solid forged blade width 250mm a..
Ex Tax: £17.22
Draper 10874 Solid Forged Round Mouth Shovel T-Handled with Ash Shaft RMS-H
Draper 10874 RMS/H, RMS/H Ash shaft with T grip. Solid forged blade with tread. Blade w..
Ex Tax: £17.93
Draper 10875 Solid Forged Round Mouth T-Handle Shovel with Ash Shaft RMSSSTH-H
Draper 10875 RMSSSTH/H, RMSSSTH/H Ash handle with T grip. Solid forged blade width (top) 25..
Ex Tax: £16.97
Draper 10877 Square Mouth Tee Handled Shovel with Ash Shaft SMSOS-WH-H
Draper 10877 SMSOS-WH/H, SMSOS-WH/H Ash shaft with T grip. Open socket pressed carbon steel ..
Ex Tax: £13.74
Draper 10878 Solid Forged Tee Handled Trenching Shovel with Ash Shaft TSWTH-H
Draper 10878 TSWTH/H, TSWTH/H Ash shaft with T grip. Solid forged blade width 180mm and 2..
Ex Tax: £16.19
Draper 10898 Expert Heavy Duty Post Hole Digger with FSC Certified Ash Handles PHD-HD-FSC-100%
Draper 10898 PHD/HD/FSC-100%, PHD/HD/FSC-100% Expert Quality, heavy duty head, ash handles with r..
Ex Tax: £28.59
Draper 10903 Forged Round Mouth Shovel with Ash Shaft RMLHS
Draper 10903 RMLHS, RMLHS American pattern with ash shaft. Forged blade width (top) 300..
Ex Tax: £10.32
Draper 10904 Square Mouth Builders Shovel with Hardwood Shaft BS-PYD
Draper 10904 BS/PYD, BS/PYD Carbon steel blade with lacquered hardwood shaft and Y-dee s..
Ex Tax: £12.36
Draper 11528 30M Self Chalking Chalk Line CL30
Draper 11528 CL30, CL30 Diecast metal body with angle markings. Fold away winding hand..
Ex Tax: £6.06
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