Voltage Measuring Equipment

Voltage Measuring Equipment
voltage measuring equipment
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Draper 22278 Expert 13A Socket Tester ST-1
Draper 22278 SOCKET TESTER, ST-1 Expert Quality, for testing 13A sockets and RCD's rat..
Ex Tax: £13.61
Draper 3074 Expert Non Contact Volt Sensor with Utility Keys DEVTUK
Ex Tax: £6.24
Draper 34873 Damp Detector DD1B
Draper 34873 DD1B, DD1B Hand-held instrument for detecting rising and penetrating damp..
Ex Tax: £14.23
Draper 37317 Pocket Analogue Multimeter AMM1
Draper 37317 AMM1, AMM1 Handy pocket analogue multimeter for use in electrical and aut..
Ex Tax: £8.12
Draper 37873 AC or DC Voltage Tester VT1
Draper 37873 VT1, VT1 Uses LEDs to indicate voltage. Suitable for testing domestic wi..
Ex Tax: £8.28
Draper 40420 LAN Tester LT
Draper 40420 LT, LT For testing Local Area Networks (LAN). Tests cables from a dista..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Draper 43060 Expert 12-48V 3mm Fuse Blade Automotive Tester ACT2
Draper 43060 ACT2, ACT2 Expert Quality, for rapid and accurate amperage testing. 12-48..
Ex Tax: £14.30
Draper 43061 Expert 3mm Automotive Fuse Adaptor Test Leads ATL2
Ex Tax: £0.00
Draper 43062 Expert 12-48V 5mm Fuse Blade Automotive Tester ACT1
Draper 43062 ACT1, ACT1 Expert Quality, for rapid and accurate amperage testing. 12-48..
Ex Tax: £13.89
Draper 4698 Autoranging Digital Clamp Meter DCM1B
Draper 4698 DCM1B, DCM1B Features:•   Measures AC and DC voltage, ..
Ex Tax: £16.44
Draper 50024 Expert Digital Automotive Analyser with Tilting Stand and Rubber Case DMM5
Draper 50024 DMM5, DMM5 Expert Quality, Ideal for automotive use. Display packed.Featu..
Ex Tax: £31.75
Draper 52320 16 Function Digital Multimeter DMM7
Draper 52320 DMM7, DMM7 Specification shown in 'Digital Multimeters' Table or the mete..
Ex Tax: £11.00
Draper 54850 45mm Plain Slot Multi Functional Tester MT1
Draper 54850 MT1, MT1 Multi-functional tester with plain slot blade that allows the c..
Ex Tax: £3.36
Draper 57574 Battery Bulb Fuse and Continuity Tester BBFC1
Draper 57574 BBFC1, BBFC1 Multi-purpose tester for dry cell 1.5V batteries (AAA, AA, C,..
Ex Tax: £10.91
Draper 60792 Digital Multimeter with Light DMM1A
Draper 60792 DMM1A, DMM1A Specification shown in 'Digital Multimeters' Table or the met..
Ex Tax: £15.40
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