Nuts, Bolts & Washers

Nuts, Bolts & Washers
nuts, bolts & washers
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Draper 24311 100 Piece Mini Automotive Plug-In Fuse Assortment FUSE-MINI 100
Draper 24311 AUTO MINI FUSE ASSTMNT 100PCS, FUSE/MINI 100 Assortment of mini automotive fuses i..
Ex Tax: £8.78
Draper 24313 24 Piece Maxi Automotive Plug-In Fuse Assortment FUSE-MAXI 24
Draper 24313 AUTO MAXI FUSE ASSTMNT 24PCS, FUSE/MAXI 24 Assortment of maxi automotive fuses in..
Ex Tax: £14.86
Draper 55591 8mm Wide Hose Clamp Set HC8MM
Draper 55591 HC8MM, HC8MM Makes hose clamps of users required length. Two widths of ban..
Ex Tax: £4.62
Draper 55592 12mm Wide Hose Clamp Set HC12MM
Draper 55592 HC12MM, HC12MM Makes hose clamps of users required length. Two widths of ba..
Ex Tax: £7.43
Draper 56345 419 Piece O Ring Assortment O-RING-419
Draper 56345 O-RING/419, O-RING/419 An assortment O-rings, size range 3mm I.D. x 1.5mm secti..
Ex Tax: £22.01
Draper 56375 555 Piece Split Pin Assortment COTTER-555
Draper 56375 COTTER/555, COTTER/555 Assortment of zinc plated split pins in plastic storage ..
Ex Tax: £10.40
Draper 56376 150 Piece R Clip Assortment HAIRP-150
Draper 56376 HAIRP/150, HAIRP/150 Assortment of R-clips in plastic storage case. Display pa..
Ex Tax: £13.86
Draper 56377 225 Piece O Ring Assortment O-RING-225
Draper 56377 O-RING/225, O-RING/225 Assortment of O-rings in plastic storage case. Display c..
Ex Tax: £9.70
Draper 56378 720 Piece Spring and Star Washer Assortment WASHER-720
Draper 56378 WASHER/720, WASHER/720 Assortment of spring, internal and external star washers..
Ex Tax: £2.39
Draper 56379 285 Piece Internal and External Circlip Assortment CIRCLIP-285
Draper 56379 CIRCLIP/285, CIRCLIP/285 Assortment of internal and external circlips in plastic..
Ex Tax: £13.72
Draper 56380 200 Piece Compression and Extension Spring Assortment SPRING-200
Draper 56380 SPRING/200, SPRING/200 Assortment of plated compression and extension springs i..
Ex Tax: £10.21
Draper 56381 120 Piece Standard Automotive Plug-In Fuse Assortment FUSE-120
Draper 56381 FUSE/120, FUSE/120 Assortment of standard automotive fuses in plastic storage..
Ex Tax: £9.73
Draper 61272 366 Piece Panhead Screw and Nut Assortment HW6
Draper 61272 HW6, HW6 Assortment of popular size panhead screws and hexagon nuts with..
Ex Tax: £9.14
Draper 63941 300 Piece E Clip Assortment E-CLIP-300
Draper 63941 E-CLIP/300, E-CLIP/300 Assortment of 300 (approx.) popular metric sized E-Clips..
Ex Tax: £12.16
Draper 63943 120 Piece Roll Pin Assortment ROLL-120
Draper 63943 ROLL/120, ROLL/120 Popular imperial sized roll pins in plastic storage case. ..
Ex Tax: £7.19
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